Miss Info: Daniel Day-Lewis managed to not only make history with his 3rd Best Actor Academy Award win, but he gave a speech that was most heartfelt and hilarious. The guy is so serious about his trade that when he gets into characters like Lincoln or Bill The Butcher (Gangs of New York) he insists on staying in character 24 hours a day for the whole project. But he’s aware enough of how crazy that is to make fun of himself and work Meryl Streep into the joke. Class act.

Jennifer Lawrence and Bill Westenhofer’s Oscar speeches, plus the worst speech from the 2013 Academy Awards, after the jump…

Jennifer Lawrence:
Miss Info: Ok, so Jennifer Lawrence’s actual speech was kind of a mess. But lovable in that way. Especially since the girl had to pull it together after wiping out in her huge bell-shaped Dior Couture gown on the stairs! It was an almost graceful wipeout, and she still looked beautiful.

Bill Westenhofer and Life Of Pi Visual Effects Team:
Miss Info: I’m not really familiar with who these winners are, but congrats to them… for having the most hilariously awkward acceptance speech moment at the Oscars. Listen closely to when they start getting “wrapped up”… the guy won’t accept that the Great White Shark is about to dead him, and he desperately tried to get out his story about a sick friend!

The Worst speech in any award show goes to the young woman who is talented but can’t stop pretending to be more precious than she really is. So… if it’s a music award ceremony, that’ll be Taylor Swift. And if it’s a movie award show, that’ll be Anne Hathaway. Always. Last night was no different. Oh Anne, shut it.

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