the rap test

Consider yourself a hip-hop head? Well, the time has come for you to finally prove it. The brainchild of 21-year-old Danny Friday, The Rap Test lets you flex your knowledge of some of the greatest MCs’ catalogs, including Jay Z, Kanye West, Eminem, Drake and Kendrick Lamar. The game is simple: listen to snippets of songs and correctly name the title before the time runs out. The quicker you answer, the more points you score, and the more points you score, the more levels you advance. However, even the most die-hard stans will be stumbling at the later stages.

Take The Rap Test here, and prepare to procrastinate the night away. Jansport backpack optional.

UPDATE: To commemorate what would have been 2Pac’s 43rd birthday, Danny has updated The Rap Test with The Pac Test, which also features an interactive map of all his classic songs and videos. Check it out here.

[h/t The FADER]

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