kaws, ?, reas
(Kaws x Reas = the most subversive second childhood ever. Kaws wasnt actually showing, he was just showing support….lol, I couldnt hear Todd when he introduced the guy in the middle, but luckily Kaws schooled me to the fact that its KR the creator of all things Krink! Indelible ink!)

As I mentioned in an earlier post, some of my favorite artists were on hand at the opening of Steve Lazarides’ The Outsiders NY show….make sure you check out the show, which is open to the public for the next month.

Even though I missed seeing my book editor supreme, Dana Albarella-James and young Helen (the Future)….it was still nice seeing all the interesting pieces, chatting with Todd James aka Reas, seeing Kaws (one of my favorite artists and a lovely fellow), and catching up with the boys, Noah Callahan-Bever (Complex jefe), Brent Rollins (Ego Trip and more) etc….

click to see more party pics after the jump….

noah, brent
Noah C-B (Complex) and Brent Rollins (EgoTrip). Clearly, I’m not the only nutjob in my crew.

Love this Reas piece (….love reeses pieces too)

dante, brent
The man with a million fight stories…Dante Ross

jonathan yeo
piece by Jonathan Yeo

jonathan yeo
a closeup from one of those “dainty” Jonathan Yeo autumn leaves collages, lol….NSFW (Yeo’s work always reminds me of “Fight Club”…..specifically Tyler Durden’s job as a movie theater projectionist…LOL)

david choe
I’m not really into all the obama/bush/mccain art….its either too predictable or too precious for me….but I still like this David Choe piece because its just beautifully done.

This was the supposed nude living canvas for Zevs….which was kind of disappointing. Because realistically, I know any number of fashion assistants at Conde Nast who would actually buy and wear this for a midweek dinner at Ko. (possibly self-included….sigh…shamed)

reas, kaws
yes, this pic is redundant. But its all about Todd’s shirt. Classic.

outsiders nyc
outside the Outsiders…heh