I’ve been hearing people refer to this rising style of EDM as post-Trap music, Trap Rave, but I most commonly hear Trapstep. Though it’s still new and forming, this cross of Down South hip-hop tracks mixed with Electronic Dance Music is catching on fast. It’s not the newest thing, guys like A-Trak and Diplo, have done remixes like these in the past, but 2012 definitely brought more DJs/producers that love to cross genres to the forefront. We even saw DJ Green Lantern mess with it on his latest experimental mixtape, Altitude. But a newcomer by the name of Baauer really took off thanks to his single, “Harlem Shake.” It may not be for all of you, but give it a shot and let us know what you think.

(props to Complex’s new EDM site DoAndroidsDance and our homie Khal)

Watch the interview and listen to “Harlem Shake” after the jump…

Just Blaze is also currently touring and working with Baauer

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