As you know Kanye West put on one of the most talked about album listening parties in recent history. That goes for all genres of music. To take it one step further, ‘Ye used the time to also debut season 3 of his Yeezy clothing line.

Celebrities from all facets of entertainment and fashion — along with thousands of adoring fans — packed in Madison Square Garden for one epic 2 hour event. The Life of Pablo sounded pretty damn amazing with features from Kirk Franklin, Kelly Price, Chance The Rapper, Mary J. Blige, The Weeknd, Sia, Vic Mensa, Kid Cudi, Desiigner, The-Dream and more.

If you missed the live stream on Tidal, check out some of the most memorable moments of the event after the jump.

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Kanye West became the first artist to hold an album listening party/fashion show at Madison Square Garden in New York City.



Even the invites doubled as limited edition Yeezy 3 jackets.


Lamar Odom made his first public appearance since he OD’d in 2015. He reportedly was determined to show his support because Kanye reportedly visited him religiously, and even played him rough cuts of the album while Lamar was in hospital while recovering.



You already knew the Kardashians were going to to be the second stars of the event — after Kanye of course. They came through in coordinated outfits. And, yes Caitlyn was there in full force.



While ‘Ye was playing his jams, he had the whole G.O.O.D. Music and DONDA team there with him. Afterwards, he passed around the AUX chord and lets Young Thug & Vic Mensa play new music in his own mosh pit.



Kanye’s merch game is always extra song, but these Donda West and Robert Kardashian tribute shirts were extra amazing.


When Naomi Campbell graced the model stage, the Internet exploded with comments and memes. You have to give Yeezy props for this.


At first, folks seemed to be joking and poking fun at the “malnourished” looking models. However, as the event went on, the thinkers pointed to the idea that ‘Ye was making a statement with his choice of models. The notion that his models were meant to represent oppressed minorities in some sort of refugee camp started to resonate on people.


Young Thug got a lot of comments about visibly looking aleep as he posed as a model during the show. But for all we know, his whole demeanor was planned out.

Towards the end of the event, Kanye debuted his new Donda app game. He explained that when he went around to major silicon valley and tech companies to help make a video game based on his mom finding her way to heaven — everyone laughed at him and told him to “f*ck off.” However, he got it done.

This is just an extra for every Roc-A-Fella fan out there. A$AP Rocky and Roc co-foudner Biggs met.

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