(Thanks to Dre/Nahright on the upload again!….part 2 after the jump)

Just got home from the Garden, had an amazing time and truly feel like I was in the building for a big big moment in hip hop history. Obviously at this point Jay-Z is as mainstream as he is rap, but it was still moving to see someone you’ve watched and been around develop into this icon. Mary J Blige killed it, Beyonce killed it, they were attitude and showtime personified. But overall, it was just fun being in this middle lounge area, smack dab in the middle of the floor, with friends, and their friends. While me, Angie, Ebro, Jill, Adrienne, and Ashley did the couch dance…I could see Hov’s inner circle, TyTy, Beyonce, OG Juan, and others celebrating as well. And looking around the sold out area, everyone else was too. At first I was frustrated because my cell wasn’t working, but it was actually very liberating…hey dummy (me), just enjoy the show. Backstage the big discussion was whether or not this was the show of Jay’s career. Its between this and the Fade the Black concert (maybe the Fade to Black show had the stronger music )…I’m not sure, but this one certainly had all the stars aligned, emotions, purpose, guests (Rihanna, Kid Cudi, Pharrell, Kanye, John Mayor, Swizz, Diddy, Santigold), great staging, hitchless audio, live band, live dj (Neil Armstrong) and a very polished stage presence.


UPDATE: Check out Concrete Loop, they posted some beautiful photos from the concert…