The last time Game and the big homie Funk Flex got together, the result was pure hilarious nonsensical pandemonium (jobs were nearly lost, mind you). So this time around, it was a little more tame, but still entertaining.

Game and Flex reminisce on their legendary two-finger split conversation.


Game discusses Young Buck’s falling out with G-unit, and his own previous falling out. More importantly, Game references this group.


Flex asks about Game’s Sean Bell verdict comments, and Game reverses his prior instigating. He also mentions that an unnamed rapper refused to join his “911-is-a-Joke” track.


Game says that he’s in contact with the barbershop owner who served Suge a Sominex sandwich…and that he’s signing him to Black Wall Street (?!….to do what? Percussion?). And Game also opines that 50 didn’t get his chain back in Angola.


Game continues to theorize about 50’s Angola experience and Suge’s slumberparty. (the audio gets a lil’ cut off)


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Game admits that he visits thisis50.com, lol, and says that “Curtis could call me tomorrow and we could work it out….Next time I run into them, I’mma just let them beat me up…maybe they’ll feel better…cuz I could take it…and then lets just end it like that.”