The-Dream partners with TIDAL to release the short-film, Genesis. The 42-minute visual “explores variations of his [The-Dream’s] random dreams represented as symbols, the face of his soul, and the conflict within himself,” notes TIDAL. The film also includes 10 unreleased songs, including a guest appearance from Taylor Gang’s Wiz Khalifa.

Says The-Dream in a press release:

“This visual art project was created to give fans a glimpse of my daily thoughts. I, along with my fans, are lovers of music and art, but to me those two worlds are one and the same. I can never fully explain what I see and what I hear separately, it must be fused into one. For instance you take a song like “Holy Grail”; when I wrote the music and the vocal for that record, I had a vision that came simultaneously with that record itself. I feel cheated when songs leave my heart without the vision intended.”

You can watch Genesis by clicking here, meanwhile, press play on the 10-track EP below.

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