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(pic spotted at Bossip)

I listened to The Dream’s album yesterday in the car…and its pretty bueno. Less nonsensical adlibs than his first album….more crossover maybe, more grown. Good job. On a personal level, The Dream and his girl/artist/signee/svengali-reanimation-project Christina Milian were “working” together in Hawaii and got the paparazzi treatment. Lots of cute pics over the nets, but I wonder…whats up with wearing a full-sized silk scarf to the pool? in jet black….with your bermuda shorts…and probably mandals. The scarf would be…to…shield your face from those harsh Hawaii…sandstorms?

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(pic spotted at Concrete Loop)

When I twittered about the urgent earth-moving issue, some of the pals redirected my attention to this photo of Dream’s cutlets. But I say…its not the manboobs that bother me at all. They seem manageable. Its the tattooed wreath of chestcurls above them. Joyeux Noel!