More than a year after announcing their reunion, The Cool Kids are set to make their comeback official with the release of their new album next month. Serving as Chuck and Mikey’s first project since 2011’s When Fish Ride Bicycles, Special Edition Grand Master Deluxe arrives on September 15 via Cake Recordings.

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The album clocks in at 16 songs, including the previously released “Checkout” and “TV Dinner.” Guest appearances come from Syd, Like from Pac Div, Hollywood Holt, Boldy James, Joyce Wrice, Hannibal Buress and Jeremih, the latter of which will “change people’s lives,” according to Chuck. If that hasn’t got you excited, Stereogum had high praise for the album after being treated to an early listen.

The solo growth of Rocks and Inglish combined with the renewed energy they have from recording in the same space has led to a wonderfully varied album that completely redefines the sound associated with the Cool Kids from the mid-aughts. Electric guitar riffs lead into 808 trunk rattlers with an inventive flair. Smooth R&B grooves turn into funk and West Coast vibes fit for the dance floor. And of course there is the retro lean of before, just new and improved, more intricate. If this were a proper debut from a duo no one had heard of or spent so long anticipating a new project from, it would likely be heralded as serious contender for breakout album of the year. Special Edition Grand Master Deluxe deserves to be heard with fresh pairs of ears that complement the rekindled chemistry and energy that birthed it.

UPDATE: Pre-order the album on iTunes, check out the track list below.

The Cool Kids – Special Edition Grandmaster Deluxe (Tracklisting):

1. “The Moonlanding” (Feat. Hannibal Buress)
2. “TV Dinner”
3. “Get Out the Bowl”
4. “Break Your Legs” (Feat. Travis Barker & HXLT)
5. “20/20 Vision”
6. “Checkout”
7. “On the Set” (Feat. Boldy James & Smoke DZA)
8. “9:15Pm” (Feat. Jeremih)
9. “Westside Connections” (Feat. Buddy, Jay Worthy & Warm Brew)
10. “The Motion” (Feat. Ye Ali & Anthony Pavel)
11. “T.D.A.” (Feat. A-Trak, Reese LAFLARE & Larry June)
12. “Jean Jacket” (Feat. Paul Usher & 10ille)
13. “Simple Things” (Feat. Syd & QUIÑ)
14. “Symptoms of a Down” (Feat. Helios Hussain)
15. “Gr8Full” (Feat. Joyce Wrice & Like)
16. “Too Smooth”

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