Picture 18

(Jim Jones and Asher Roth were doing alot of trashtwittering…but they never got to play each other, instead The Jones Family prevailed over Pac Div in the finals.)


(Left: Me on the left lookin like spongebob squaretangerine. Right: Matt and Kim and Ninjasonik spanked Asher Roth’s crew in a surprise upset…and Kim also “served” Asher’s boy with her dirty dancing. LOL! PS…me n ninja made peace ; )

What a blast was had at the Converse Band of Ballers!….the good folks at Converse (with Anomaly and Cornerstone) brought together a very motley crew for their first ever music x basketball tournament to celebrate the launch of their new Converse Weapon Evo sneaker….And with $10k cash on the backboard, the teams battling it out were…Asher Roth and the Roth Boys…Matt and Kim with Ninjasonik and The Brooklyn Crew….coach DJ Atrak and Fool’s Gold….Pac Div from the Wessiiide…superproducer Diplo and his Mad Decent crew…and Jim Jones and The Jones Family (literally). The Joneses won the final game (just like the Village Voice predicted) against Pac Div but it was no cakewalk…everyone fought to the sweaty end, lol.

(As your humble host, I did my pseudo-courtside-commenting, twit-picing, and sweating like a can o’ coke…but also got the ustream crackin too. Truthfully, I knew you horndogs would want to see my besties-for-the-day Rosa Acosta and Xio from the Drake video. Enjoy them, along with Rosenberg, Atrak, Jimmy, and my chubby upper arm area.)

After the jump….Diplo/Mad Decent summarized the true meaning of the game…Atrak spills the secret to Jim Jones’ success…Rosenberg comforts Asher…more pics…and XXL’s video clips of Jimmy’s win and his trophy acceptance speech….Me: What you gonna do now, Jimmy? Him: I’m gonna get high!


Picture 24

(Confession: I tried to instigate by asking if Jimmy had ever hit off Diplo for using his “Paper Planes” beat…didn’t work. lol)

00000000_XX_9640_620BEE017B835090F5A8597695548A7CPicture 29

(tweet of the day)


Picture 8

(the ‘Thals came thru…the humidity put an extra spring in Eric’s ringlets)


Picture 28

(I jumped for joy when I saw this pic of Rosenberg comforting his sweet prince Asher after his loss….ok, actually, this was taken before the tournament….but it was weird how Peter knew the full names and addresses of all the Roth Boys ; )

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(your moment of zen (c) The Daily Show)

(XXL covered the festivities and caught The Jones Family on the court)

(Another XXL clip: Jim Jones…err…graciously accepts the first ever Band of Ballers trophy. (Jimmy) “We told y’all, for all the shit talking we was doing on Twitter, we talk shit and flush the toilet. You know what I’m talking about!? Ballin’!! …” (Me) “What are you gonna do now Jimmy?” (Jimmy) “We gon’ get high!“) (thanks to Dre and Nahright for the quote)

(thanks to Lala and the gang from Complex for the cute pic)

(and thank you to Stan, Derek, and Jake from Anomaly. Dru and Maridi from Cornerstone. HairbyAndrea. Gary and Heather from Mac. and all the friends who came thru)