Our friends at the Combat Jack show have been making some big moves lately. The episodes are getting better and they continue to book intriguing guests. Over the last few weeks Reggie, Dallas, and Premium Pete had everyone from Bun B, Big Boi, Freddie Gibbs, Shyne, Elliott Wilson, and Duck Down founder Dru-Ha on the show. Their talks always go way above and beyond the traditional rap interviews. Before you head back to work tomorrow, take a minute to check some of these out.

Catch up with Bun B, Big Boi, Freddie Gibbs, Shyne, Elliott Wilson, Dru-Ha on the Combat Jack show after the jump…

Bun B x Freddie Gibbs x Despot… where do we even begin? From Freddie’s ESGN label and current relationship with Young Jeezy and CTE to Despot being a NYC club owner and the schit he has to deal with to Bun B flexing all professorial and having the show turn into a roundtable on race in New York versus the south. It’s bigger than rap. #Newmanati!

In preparation for his upcoming Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors album, Big Boi got ready for combat, reflecting on getting boo’d in NYC at the Source Awards, how OutKast influenced the Notorious B.I.G., the difference between creating an album with 3 Stacks and going dolo, the time someone passed him some laced weed and why he no longer freestyles on radio shows. We also get a surprise call from Gunplay as luxuriates in his time of house arrest.

A week before the release of his highly anticipated album Mic Tyson, Sean Price and his Duck Down label’s president and co-founder Dru Ha stopped by the Combat Jack Show. Sean had an emergency and had to bounce as Dru walked us through close to 20 years of Boot Camp history, their alliance with Tupac, beef with The Notorious B.I.G., the definition of a truly independent record company, how Eminem got away and more. As he ran a real life one last year, Dru breaks down how his music run isn’t a race but a marathon.

Moses Michael Levi walked us through that fateful night and talks about how he aimed at the shoulder meats and not the ceiling, his thoughts on the Israel/ Palestinian conflict, why he endorsed Mitt Romney, whether he’s having fun or not in life and why he doesn’t need therapy. It’s bigger than rap.

If you’ve ever read The Source (back in the day) or XXL Magazine (also, back in the day) you’re familiar with Elliott Wilson‘s work. But today, you’re probably more familiar with him as the doyen of Rapradar.com and more recently as the guy who brings you “The Truth” each week via Jay Z’s Life + Times. In part 1 of this 3 part interview find out how Elliott got his own show on Jay Z’s channel, and what some of the rapper’s he’s spoken about in the The Truth videos have had to say in response.

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