I feel like people were almost counting Dame Dash out of music, once again, but to my surprise there will be another BlakRoc 2 coming out soon.  Musically, I thought the first one was great. The Black Keys production mixed with gritty rap verses from Jim Jones, Mos Def and more really meshed well together. Part 2 will feature The Black Keys with Talib Kweli, U God, Jay Electronica, OC, Curren$y, Wiz Khalifa, Jim Jones, Sean Price, The Cool Kids and more.

The Keys also spoke to Spin on their other forthcoming projects.

“It’s the fastest we’ve ever played,” singer-guitarist Dan Auerbach says of the LP’s new songs, which he says were inspired by the Clash, the Cramps, and old rock’n’roll, rockabilly, and garage rock records. “The new album doesn’t sound like Brothers. It doesn’t have that open soul feel to it. It’s way more driving and the tempos are really fast.”

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