I went to the WSOHH 25k x 4 rap battle….which was held in what I’m pretty sure was a giant’s armpit. (and the giant was wearing a leather jumpsuit, in the subway, by the way)….Mikey already posted some of the battle videos in the previous post. (“royale” may have been a stretch)

Now, I dont really know what else to add about the battle, because…well, there’s no conclusion yet. WTF. Due to an archaic text-voting system, we still have no winner. You have to pay 99cents to vote (?!?!) and I can’t seem to find a deadline for the votes….sooooo…I guess folks in the Bronx won’t know if they’re gonna beat up folks from Philly until…what…first day of spring?

I missed Murder Mook murdering (heard that was the best part of the night…I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that it was also the most oxygenated)….I definitely saw Lady Luck annihilating (and rece steele suffering from extreme hair-frizz). And as for Ness vs Mysonne. I dunno. Ness was definitely thrown off when he realized that he had to go 5 rounds instead of 3. So his last 2 rounds sounded like leftover Dylan (Dylan Dylan) disses. But in the first couple rounds, Ness may have had the upper hand. I kind of lost interest after the juicy first round…..either that or I started to lose consciousness.

(but big up to the friendly Bang Bang Boogie guys who made sure I didnt get squished)

Now one thing I will say….

Favorite line of the night: Lady Luck “When I come through, I got the roof missin’, when Rece come thru she got a tooth missin’.”


Most uncomfortable moment: When Ness said something in his rhyme about, Cuban Linx you can get a scar on your other cheek…..and um, Cuban was right there in the corner, with the smile and the nod. For the rest of the battle, I kept checking to make sure Cuban was still in his corner. If not…I was ready to stop, drop and roll right out the door.

Somehow I think that’s gonna come back to haunt us.

more photos after the jump….

lady luck


cuban link

joe budden
(joey was there observing…..but he said he was unimpressed, lol…..who would joe battle in our fantasy league?)