Shout to reader Adrian F. who sent over this story on a company called Gemstone Creative. Its been making the rounds in the UK since last month. They make mosaic portraits out of diamonds and other precious stones. And are working the publicity circles by fashioning a portrait of lifelong diamond-lover and super famous person Jay-Z. Ok. I see the plan. But….

This company….I get the novelty aspect, but looking at their other work in the clip…diamonds or no diamonds…you’re still just copying pictures of tiger heads and the Queen of England. You spent some jeweler’s time and used stones or rhinestones to make a picture of a peacock. Anyone who buys a diamond picture of a peacock, better be named Mr. Tom Peacock, or they’re a complete ass.


Also, don’t pretend that your diamond Hov pic is 6 feet tall and 5 feet wide, GC. That’s disrespectful. There’s 22,500 stones in there….on their website, they don’t specify the ratio of real stones to rhinestones, but at that size, those diamonds would be multiple carats each? What a bargain at your price of $1million! Its weird because Damien Hirst’s infamous diamond-encrusted human skull sold in 2007 for….$100 Million.

Anyways, this and the Obama portrait are just lame. Lame if a dumb rich man fan buys it. Lame if Jay himself buys it (which I’m sure he’d never do).

I’d stick with this:

litebrite original

update: that diamond pic is the new version of the velvet painting…for russian oil rich. blech.