(Pregnant Christina Milian and The Dream at the BET Hip Hop Awards, Oct.09)

So….while The Dream says that he tried to take his own life after realizing his marriage was kaput (and fyi: I don’t take the issue of suicide lightly, so I hope that’s not an exaggeration.)….TMZ reports that Dream filed papers on his “unsuccessful” marriage just 9 days before his wife Christina Milian gave birth to their daughter, Violet.

March 2009: Dream gives Christina with one-hand shoulder massage in Hawaii.
June 2009: Dream impregnates Christina.
Sept. 2009: Dream and Christina get married in Las Vegas, and then again in Rome (in period costume).
Dec. 2009: According to recent statement, this is when Dream and Christina “reached decision” to separate.
Feb. 17, 2010: Dream files divorce papers, citing “no hope for reconciliation”
Feb. 26, 2010: Christina Milian gives birth to Violet Nash
June 29, 2010: Christina tweetsEverybody go pick up that LOVEKING album from THE- DREAM ASAP! Support my boo!
July 12, 2010: Dream caught doing sexy bikini-n-boardshorts tango with his assistant
July 16, 2010: Dream apolo-blogs,I was reminded by my MOTHER that I am not “Superman” and its okay to lose sometimes.”