When Rihanna and her hair stylist Yusef posted this video late last night, it may have just seemed like hotel room karaoke to the casual onlooker….
But Teyana Taylor and her fans instantly caught a shade alert…

Today, Teyana Taylor fired back at Rihanna on twitter…

Since then, sparks have been flying between Teyana (and minions), Rihanna (and her “navy”) and Rihanna-bestie Melissa Forde. (as of 3:15pm, it’s still going…)

UPDATE: as of 4:15…Beef still on the barbee.
Both girls have even adjusted their twitter backgrounds to diss each other, lol. See new tweets after the jump…

Even Meek Mill is watching from the skybox with a tray of nachos:

Now would also be a convenient time to remember that Teyana allegedly snuffed a girl at an LA studio because she dissed her boy Chris Brown? And then there was the time, Teyana allegedly beat up celebrity stripper “Scrawberry” at Club Liv in Miami (“She left the club leakign and wearing her dress as a belt.”) So…we already know TT is ready to rumble.

Check out all the verbal kitty-boxing, and the original Teyana post that sparked the exchange…
After the jump







Rihanna’s reaction to Teyana’s blast….


Does Teyana’s complaint that Rihanna has started a petty catfight ring true to you? Rihanna’s refusal to give “free promo” seems odd since she is the one that gave Teyana the reaction spotlight with her spoof video in the first place…
Of course, even celebs are allowed their right to react positively or negatively to the content that others put out on social media…but then don’t be surprised when the subject bites back.

The original Teyana Taylor IG video that inspired Rihanna’s ire.

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