Snapchat could be getting a huge upgrade that includes audio video calling as well as an updated messaging service. Apparently, the company has taken cures from Asian messaging apps like Kakao who offer stickers in chat, content games, commerce and more.

Sources say the messaging service is doing all it can to stay competitive with competitors like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Google’s Hangouts and WeChat.

TechCrunch: The code and screenshots were uncovered by the developers by Snapprefs, a third-party utility that lets you add more features to the Snapchat application through the Xposed framework. The team was able to make the feature set visible for some minutes, they said, which is how they were able to take the screenshots. The code was found within the Snapchat APK (its Android application), they said.

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TechCrunch Reports:

In addition to possibly paving an avenue toward monetization, rolling out stickers to Snapchat’s chat interface could make the app a better rival to the dominant mobile messaging applications today, as would the new audio and video calling features.

According to the leaked screenshots, which show what’s dubbed Snapchat’s “ChatV2” interface, users will be able to tap on new buttons on a bar to kick off an audio or video call. The recipient will then get a pop-up that will allow them to ignore, join or listen into the call. There are also new presence indicators that show if a person is listening, talking or watching, which appear underneath your interactions within chat.

We should note that the presence of these new features hidden in the app doesn’t necessarily mean they will soon become public, or will appear in the same way when they do roll out to Snapchat’s wider user base. It’s also possible that the company is currently testing these features, and has not yet committed to a public launch (though this is less likely).

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