Tanya: Three of my favorite entities are mashed into one savory clip: Anthony Bourdain, Talib Kweli, and sizzling duck fat.

In the finale episode of Anthony Bourdain‘s acclaimed show No Reservations, the native New Yorker visits Brooklyn to highlight the mass culinary and social changes the borough has been experiencing in the last decade. Tony recruits Brooklyn-bred Talib Kweli to discuss food culture, black culture, and the ongoing gentrification that continues to influence both of these economies. “I’m ignorant about what’s going on Brooklyn,” Talib tells Bourdain over ravioli and duck.”Where I moved to now is by Myrtle Ave. When I was growing up it was called ‘Murder Ave.’ I walk down there’s an organic grocery and it’s like white guys with beards. Which, I’m not mad at it. But it’s something that’s so different I didn’t recognize it.”

The episode will air on November 5 at 9pm on the Travel Channel. Watch a clip from the show of Talib Kweli giving his take on Brooklyn’s gentrification, after the jump….


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