(Art Direction and Design by Alex Haldi / Photos by Matthew Salacuse )

The late 90s and early 2000s were my favorite part of rap. I was just getting into high-school and into drinking, smoking and partying, with Wu-Tang, The LOX, Dipset, CNN, Clipse, etc as my soundtrack. Those days were so carefree and fun. I used to spend hours on Napster trying to piece together underground Outsidaz albums and things of that nature. One of my favorite parts of actually buying CDs, though, was examining and carefully reading through the album credits, shout-outs, production notes, and artwork. I was particularly interested in the ‘Thank You’ section. I’m not sure why but I got a kick out of seeing my favorite rappers shout out each other out. Wu-Tang members always had the best and most random ones.

“Peace to Man, Woman, Child and My Ol Earth. Shouts to Rod Strickland, too. Also, Big-Ups to the god Ron-D-the-OG-From-VA-with-the cheap-tech9s-that-would -meet-us-across-state-lines”-Wu-Tang-Forever”

Hahah! Anyway, take it back one time and examine  Nas’ Life Is Good’s full album artwork…

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Nas & Swizz Beatz Perform ‘Life Is Good’ Tracks at 2012 ESPY Awards (Video)