…and he chooses to do so, while “deejaying” the Rehab pool party in Vegas. Because nothing says circle of trust like a couple hundred drunk junior bankers and aspiring banana boat girls chugging malt-slurpees out of plastic flower vases.

Here, T-pain tells the crowd (of people who don’t know him from one of the Baha Men) that “Jay-Z is 59 years old…if anything should be dead it should be him,” and “F–k Jay-z…he’s old.” (thanks to Realtalkny and Ddotomen)


Just as idiotic as it was when T-Pain took all the credit for autotune’s hits, it is equally idiotic that he feels like all autotune backlash is on him too. Talk about an unrealistic view of one’s place in the universe. Sheesh!

Picture 7

(can it be that is was all so simple….when you ran onstage during Hov’s Summerjam set, while he was performing the song that is now the bane of your existence…) (pic by MelDCole)

Fabulous was also at the party, and shared the T-pain diss with his twitter followers…(thanks to reader Nightfall for the tip)


More of Fabolous’ man-on-the-cabana reporting, after the jump…

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