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Hustle Gang was in the House as T.I. and Iggy Azalea made a dual appearance on Hot 97’s Morning Show yesterday. TIP discussed his upcoming album, which he confirmed is titled Paperwork, and talked about creating “the perfect amount of synergy between trap music and art house” with the help of executive producer Pharrell. T.I. also announced his plans to co-write and co-direct a movie based on the album and its sophisticated sequencing.

Of those 20 [songs on the album], I want to take six records at the top, six records in the middle, six records at the end, with two records as intermissions to the three. And I would like to shoot a movie that consists of three short stories, and the three short stories will connect these six records.

Iggy Azalea, meanwhile, talked about why she had beef with Funkmaster Flex, dealing with critics, her relationship with Lakers swingman Nick Young and her upcoming debut album, The New Classic.

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