Swizz and Hov really do go back a long time. Recently, Swizzy talked to VladTV about the first time he sold some beats to Jay-Z. He remembers rolling with his Uncle Dee from Ruff Ryders to Hov’s office and details how Jay bought an entire tape of beats he had brought. A lot of the songs ended up going on Hard Knock Life vol. 2.

I was just speaking to Jay yesterday…and it was like, ‘We’ve working [together] for 14 years, dog; that shit is crazy.’ I remember walking into his office with a cassette with 40 beats and he bought the whole joint right off the spot. That’s how we met…this was like, ’96-97 ‘cus the shit started coming out in ’98…I think it was right after Reasonable Doubt, because he definitely had that Reasonable Doubt swag in that office.” (via HHDX)

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