An Interpersonal Literary Project. Yup.

Welp, this about seals it. We’re doomed. Civilization, I mean.
After a wildly successful memoir airing out her various sexual exploits with everyone from Ja-Rule to Jay-Z, Karrine Supahead Steffans is prepping a new book about the ongoing rollercoaster love affair she’s been having with Lil Wayne for years. But in keeping with Weezy’s gimmicky references about being so different from us that he is an extraterrestrial (ie his I Am Not A Human Being album)…she’s titling it, How To Make Love To A Martian. Is your soul weary yet?
Then wait til you watch this melodramatic video reading of what seems to be an excerpt from the book…
Supahead describes getting pregnant at some point in the past, possibly by Lil Wayne, while balancing her marriage (which ended last year) and her lover (Wayne aka The Martian.)


Oh…by the way, the relevation about the past pregnancy (which we assume Supahead did not carry to full term because there was no news of her having another baby)…is paired with close-up shots of her butt. Perhaps a visual allusion to that age old mystery of “how babies are made”. Very instructional.

Watch, after the jump
Then weep softly amongst yourselves

I’d been with him so long. There was no way I’d leave him for my husband. There’s no way I’d settle for a life without him, but there was no way I settle for a life with him, a life on the road, swimming in a pool of women, when this baby in my stomach. A secret. How would I tell my husband? How would I tell my lover….a martian.


*note: contrary to some site who are posting this as some kind of announcement that Supahead is pregnant by Lil Wayne now. It seems pretty obvious (duh!) from the smoking and the reading off the laptop and the fuzzy “memory lane” camera effects…that Supahead is just reading an excerpt from her book. So this could even be all soap opera fiction.*

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