’90s rap radio heroes Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito Garcia are back like they never with a new podcast on NPR. Unlike their legendary show on WKCR, What’s Good with Stretch & Bobbito isn’t about breaking future rap stars or even necessarily about hip-hop; instead, Stretch and Bob will be weighing in on art, music, sports and politics while interviewing cultural influencers.

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On the first episode, Stretch and Bobbito sit down with the one and only Dave Chappelle, along with Donnell Rawlings, to talk about his SNL performance the night Trump won the election, his favorite Chappelle’s Show skit, and his upcoming Radio City Music Hall residency. As if that isn’t enough star power, Erykah Badu even calls in towards the end of the episode.

Stay tuned for new episodes of What’s Good with Stretch & Bobbito dropping every Wednesday, featuring interviews with Stevie Wonder, Chance The Rapper, Mahershala Ali and many more. You can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes and Stitcher.

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