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14 years laterno justice, no peace.

Maino rhymes about Biggie on “March 9th”
DJ Clark Kent talks to LifeFiles about his friendship with Biggie
Big’s former manager Wayne Barrow shares his memories,
Biggie’s 1997 Source Magazine interview with Chairman Mao,

and footage of the alpha and omega of one of the greatest of all time…

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(thanks to SmokestackCEO n FrontStreetGrind for bringing back this clip)



New Music: Maino “March 9th” (thanks Splash)

DJ Clark Kent talks to TheLifeFiles about deejaying for the late great Notorious B.I.G., co-producing the Junior Mafia album, and their friendship. Clark and Biggie even debated the talents of Jay-Z, lol. Great imitation of Big Un, Clark!

Biggie’s former manager Wayne Barrow spoke to Combat Jack/TheSource about Biggie, the sex symbol ; )

Egotripland’s Chairman Mao dug up his 1997 Source Magazine interview with Notorious BIG, which would be his last in the magazine. (Read it here) I love Mao’s sharp memory, as he shares behind-the-scenes details like:

“The first night I showed up at the Daddy’s House Studios to interview B.I.G. he wasn’t there. Instead I got to watch Sean Combs in the studio’s main room playing hit-maker drill sergeant, seated behind the boards instructing some female back-up vocalists (hidden somewhere in the dark of the booth) exactly how he wanted them to enunciate the refrain, “He told you he won’t stop/ He told you HE won’t stop.” I swear I could not tell you the difference between how those girls were saying the line and how Puffy was directing them to say it, tho obviously he had something really specific in mind. Seeing as I wasn’t able to do an interview with someone who wasn’t there, someone took pity on me and left me alone in a storage room with a Walkman to listen to some rough mixes of tracks from Life After Death.”