Remember when Spotify removed degenerates like XXXTentacion and R. Kelly from its playlists and then pulled a 180 after industry figures (including, disappointingly, Kendrick Lamar) protested because they wrongly interpreted it as all-out censorship? (Why anyone would be against censoring XXX and Kellz in the first place is beyond me.) It appears they’ve found a solution that should keep everyone happy.

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Yesterday, Spotify introduced a new feature that allows you to block artists you don’t want to listen to. Currently only available on the mobile app, all you have to do is click on the “…” button on an artist’s page and select “Don’t play this artist.” Doing so will prevent their songs from popping up in your personal library and playlists, as well as Spotify-curated charts, radio stations and playlists.

However, the feature is currently unable to identify when an artist is featured on someone else’s song, so you may still be subjected to a guest appearance from your most hated artist.

Who are you rushing to hit with that block button?

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