Sean Kingston might want to learn that its best not to brag that you’ve gotten something….until you’ve actually gotten it.

The chubbier, younger, version of Akon was spotted at the Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards, where he announced that he would be playing the Notorious B.I.G. in the feature film about his life….


“My management had told me about it. And then you know, I auditioned for it. And then I met with the director, the big director, and I nailed it. So he’s giving me a shot now, in being in the movie.”


So everyone reported that Sean Kingston was the new star of the Biggie biopic. And then Sean gave the late great Frank White a nice pat on the back, calling him “a talented artist.” Umm, not to be a nitpick or anything, but it kinda felt like the understatement of someone who’s sole knowledge of Frank White’s work started with “Born Again.”……ugh.



But tonite I got an email from Wayne Barrow, Biggie’s longtime manager, friend, and the executive-producer of the Notorious B.I.G biopic.

“NO, Sean Kingston nor ANY other individual has been cast for the role of Christoper “Notorious B.I.G” Wallace or any other characters which will be portrayed in the biopic of B.I.G!!!.

We will continue to search for the individual to fill the shoes of B.I.G in this film…”

Phew. Because I was worried that the director was going to throw credibility to the wind to get that fleeting teen audience. Reality check=the teens aren’t the ones still swearing that Big is the greatest rapper dead or alive.
And being of Jamaican descent, having a hit record and glandular issues shouldn’t get you automatically cast in a role that an entire borough, an entire city, hell…a whole generation will be holding under a microscope.

So the casting is still open. Swagger is a prerequisite.

(ps: is it true that Sean Kingston played Biggie in the “Sky’s the Limit” video? I heard that once but its never been confirmed.)