Over the summer, Instagram and Spotify partnered for a new integration tool that allowed artists — and users in general — to share songs from Spotify straight to their Instagram story. The latest to join in on the easy-access tool is SoundCloud.

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With millions of their users sharing links and screenshots all over the popular social app, the streaming company decided to make it easier for everyone with the new “Share to Instagram Stories” option. From Instagram, a viewer then has the option to simply click on “Play On SoundCloud” right from the story.

With Instagram playing a huge role in how music is promoted and heard in today’s world, this definitely benefits both companies. Seeing how both Spotify and SoundCloud are available for free use to the public, it doesn’t seem Apple will be eager to jump on board for the new integration due to their pay-only subscription.

The feature launched this past Tuesday and is available on the latest versions of the SoundCloud and Instagram mobile apps on iOS and Android.

[via SoundCloud]

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