I caught some heat over a post I did insinuating that Jeremy Lin would be going to the Houston Rockets. Well, it looks like the Lin dynasty will settle on the home of candy paint and purple drank, and sign with Yao Ming’s old team (avenge his honor, brother). The fact of the matter is that H-Town put up the big money and the Knicks have until Tuesday to match it. Don’t hold your breathe, people. Even Carmelo Anthony has stated he thinks the $28.9 million contract is ridiculous. The fans seem to really want to Lin to stay, even an online petition has been started to try and sway the Knickerbockers office.

Now, moving onto more disheartening Knicks news involving Jason Kidd. He messed up big time this weekend and crashed his cliche rapper mobile into a telephone pole after a charity event in the Hamptons. He was driving his 2010 Cadillac Esclade when he lost control and veered off into the woods at about 2:00 AM on Sunday morning. Fortunately, he only sustained minor injuries and pleaded not guilty to DWI charges. Kidd will have to face the music in court soon.

What do you think the future hold of the New York Knicks?

Big L is in rap heaven laughing at it all: “I’m from New York and never been a fan of the Knicks”


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