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Yesterday TMZ obtained audio of a conversation between L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling and his girlfriend V. Stiviano, and his comments were truly appalling. The 80-year-old Sterling scolded his much younger girlfriend (who is black and Mexican) for posting pictures of herself with black guys (including Lakers legend Magic Johnson) on Instagram, and told her “not to bring them to my games.”

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Unsurprisingly, his disgusting remarks have sparked outrage in and outside of the basketball world. Rappers like Lil Wayne, Snoop Dogg, Nas, Q-Tip and Meek Mill all shared their thoughts on social media, with a resounding “fuck you, Donald Sterling, you racist piece of shit.” Even President Obama weighed in on the matter. But perhaps the most powerful reaction came from Clippers forward DeAndre Jordan, who simply posted a black screenshot on his Instagram with no caption.

In a press conference yesterday, NBA commissioner Adam Silver announced that the league will investigate the TMZ tape before they deliver a verdict on Sterling. The NBA has never before fired a franchise owner, however, this would seem like a justifiable time to do so. Especially considering the Clippers, whose roster is more than three-quarters black, are currently competing to win a championship… for a racist owner who wouldn’t even want them at his games.

Despite calls for the Clippers to boycott tonight’s playoff game against the Golden State Warriors, it looks like play will go ahead as usual. Sterling, however, won’t be in attendance at the ORACLE Arena in Oakland. As Complex point out, this isn’t the first time the owner has shown his true colors.

Check out some of the reactions from around the basketball and rap worlds, as well as the audio of Donald Sterling’s conversation, below.

UPDATE: Deadspin released an extended clip of Donald Sterling’s conversation with his girlfriend, in which he spews more shocking racism. “It’s the world! You go to Israel, the blacks are just treated like dogs,” he said.

As for the playoff game last night, the Clippers players warmed-up before tip off wearing their uniforms inside out and dumped their shooting shirts at center court as a sign of protest. In the Houston-Portland game, both teams made their own statement by wearing black socks.

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