To no surprise by anyone who follows Snoop Dogg, he has launched a website called, for all things you need to know about marijuana. The platform was co-founded by Ted Chung, who both look to establish the site as the encyclopedia of weed on the Internet. You can expect things like news, videos, original programming (including a new web series titled Deflowered) and editorial content surrounding the good herb. The website will officially launch in October, but until then, 420 users a day will be added every day for the current beta version.

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“We’re providing the industry with something that’s void right now,” Snoop said. “We are the information hotline for cannabis. We are what’s missing.” – Snoop Dogg

“There are few companies out there that have attempted to enter into the marketplace, and their download apps total and page views total are really numbers that we’re going to crush within the first six months. I think the interest level and the demand is there, it’s just about someone coming to the forefront like Snoop, like our other partners — including actor Seth Rogen — and providing the site and media platform that can take cannabis to the next level.” – Ted Chung

Spotted at Tech Crunch.

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