(After the press conference, Snoop took a handful of journalists upstairs for an intimate listening of Reincarnated)

Yesterday in New York City, the reincarnated Snoop Lion touched down at downtown hotspot Miss Lilly’s for an exclusive press conference to announce his first ever reggae album with Diplo. Titled Reincarnated, the project marks Snoop Dogg’s rebirth as Snoop Lion and following of Rastafarian culture. Be clear, this isn’t some shtick Snoop is trying because he loves weed. Yes, that’s a true fact and everyone knows he loves herb but this goes way deeper than smoking joints and reggae records. Snoop took the time to really learn and experience the culture. The music Snoop, Diplo, Angela Hunte, Jah Dan, and more created was straight from the heart. For the first time in his recording career, Snoop admittedly made a record that could be played for everyone, that includes his own kids and grandparents. Sonically, the album sticks to a more traditional roots reggae vibe and features vocals from singers who were there for the whole process. In fact, Lion actually said he had to tell his team he wasn’t interested in getting big names to redo the vocals of Ms. Hunte and Dan. If you aren’t familiar, she actually wrote the original “Empire State of Mind” for Jay-Z and Alicia. Her version sounds crazy, btw.

Snoop says he recorded one of the most important songs of his career on this album, “No Guns Allowed.” Listen to Snoop talk about it in detail, plus check out fascinating interviews with Snoop and rap and reggae triple OG Rob Kenner/BoomShots after the jump…

Snoop talks about the importance of his new song “No Guns Allowed.”

Snoop’s touching trailer of his life-changing rebirth in Jamaica. Vice captured the true essence of Snoop Lion’s transformation and journey around the island. In this clip you can really see that Snoop became fully immersed in Rastafarian culture. The feature documentary will debut at the next Toronto film festival. Check it out above.

Watch Snoop and Diplo’s “Reincarnated” press conference below:

From the tiny backroom at Miss Lilly’s in Soho, Snoop and Diplo held a private press conference to announce the upcoming release of their collaborative reggae album, Reincarnated. Hosted by Sway, fans received some real testimony straight from the Dogg Lion. He talked extensively about the project, his experience in Jamaica, upcoming charity project for the island, the most important song of his career and more.

Snoop and Rob broadcast live from Miss Lillys. In part one of their live interview, Snoop explains how his whole Reincarnated movement started.

Lion talks about really traveling through Tivoli Gardens, Trenchtown, and other notorious areas of Jamaica. It’s interesting to hear Snoop say he met with people close to Christopher “Dudus” Coke and his views on how the United States handled the situation.

Lion also goes in detail about his charity project with the owner of Patron. Together, they plan to start a program in local schools that will help teach the youth about farming techniques and business skills to actually sell their fruit crops.

For all the smokers, the highly contested Jamaica vs. Cali weed debate is settled once and for by Snoop himself.

Snoop and Rob K also spoke to Snoop for a more traditional interview. They discuss Snoop’s early dabblings in reggae on “The Day The N*ggaz Took Over.” This is important because Snoop explains how he first became introduced to reggae music for the very first time. It was an early friend and reggae who put him on. It’s the same dude on the 2pac’s “Hail Mary” record. WOW.

The conversation concludes with Snoop talking about how he really got his Snoop Lion name aka bihani.
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