Mikey: We went to go check out the traveling sneaker show/Hip Hop jam known as Sneakerpimps last night. Even with Cam’ron suddenly being replaced on the bill by fellow New Yorker Jadakiss, hundreds of tri state area sneakerheads gathered in midtown Manhattan for the chaotic celebration of kicks. Jadakiss, Big Boi, The Clipse, Cool Kids, Wale and DJ Clark Kent on turntables rocked for over two hours, really the creme de la creme of some very diverse emcees.

(Big Boi, The Clipse, Cool Kids, & Wale after the jump)

The Clipse performing “Kinda Like a Big Deal”, “Keys Open Doors”, and “Grindin'”

The Cool Kids performing “Pennies”, Black Mags, and more

Big Boi performing “Rosa Parks”, “The Way You Move”, “So Fresh, So Clean” and more