Remember when Kanye West closed out the SXSW festival with his VEVO Power Station show? The MissInfo.TV team had a blast micro-liveblogging the whole thing straight from Austin, TX, and then we eagerly awaited the high end concert footage that was supposed to come out soon afterwards (on Good Friday, natch). Well….that didn’t happen, and we’re guessing it was because Kanye is ever the tinkering perfectionist.

But on Tuesday, July 12….we’ll finally get to see the finished high-def product. VEVO will be premiering the full Kanye West SXSW Power Station footage, featuring Jay-Z, Pusha T, Mos Def, Kid Cudi and more…

Thanks to the homie Woody, here is an exclusive sneak peak at Kanye and Jay-Z performing “H.A.M.” from the upcoming VEVO concert video.
What a difference a fancy camera makes ; )

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