I was looking forward to Joe, Joell, Royce and Crook visiting Angie Martinez this afternoon. I’ll speak more on last night’s Slaughterhouse show at Canal room in another post but for now….good times with old friends on Hot97 today.

Slaughterhouse on the Angie Martinez show:

Part 1:
[audio:Angie:Slaughterhouse 1.mp3]

Part 2:
[audio:Angie:Slaughterhouse 2.mp3]

“(Angie: Where are we at making nice with everybody) Joe: its fixed! Slaughterhouse is for peace…the [handshake] was for business purposes…(Angie: Would you sit down with Raekwon…for the sake of every person involved, lets move on…?) Joe: I think we’re already there. I’m not saying me and him in particular but, the people who need to speak to each other are definitely speaking to each other…

“(Angie: your opinion got this whole situation happening in the first place….now you have a whole group here, they’re all affected. do you get angry with him for running his mouth sometimes?)
Royce: Angry is such a harsh word…I can disapprove with things that he say…I often try to just understand the way somebody moves when its not the way that I would normally move…and the thing with Joey, its hard for me to stay disappointed in him when he’s always willing to bend for the better of the group…

Part 3:
[audio:Angie:Slaughterhouse 3.mp3]


(from Joe’s album party a while back: left to right, Angie, Joell, Tahiry, Joe, me)