Signs of the Apocalypse #1:
Sunday night’s American Music Awards was ham-tastic overload, but I also noticed and the interesting red carpet cupcaking by young Sean Kingston. The pop star looked healthy after his recent jetski accident and was sporting a new lady friend….But If she doesn’t look familiar, it might be because she had clothes on. Just keeding. Seriously though, Sean’s new buddy is Drake’s former buddy…and by buddy, I mean, Drake’s booty model former girlfriend, Maliah Michel. (Remember her?)

Signs of the Apocalypse #2:
But speaking of things that won’t end well….what about this new VH1 reality show, Mama Drama? If I understand correctly, this show will capture all the maternal magic of Keyshia Cole’s mom Frankie, Jim Jones’ mom Nancy, Lebron James’ mom Gloria, Tyler’s mom
But look at this cast photo!! (Click to Enlarge)

Be afraid…be very afraid. This is like “Bring Your Daughter To Work”-Day at HBO’s Hookers On The Point. Look at the pair on the far right!! And the two doozies in the middle!?!
Move over sniveling teen moms, it’s time for crazy inappropriate cougar moms to get their 15 minutes of fame!

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Signs of the Apocalypse #3:
So many bizarro moments on the American Music Awards red carpet. I mean, the founder of Papa John’s Pizza showed up…with pizza! Is that not the most demeaning thing ever? And then Christina Aguilera ate all of it.

Signs of the Apocalypse #4:
Sign I’m a fan of Amber Rose‘s unique sense of style and body-confidence…but this Smirnoff ad is beyond absurd. Blue lipstick, Amber eating marshmallows, androgynous Asians guys, dobermans, aerosols on airplanes, mouthfuls of cream…candy and cream flavored vodka : (

Signs of the Apocalypse #5:
Evelyn Lozada from the Basketball Wives masterclass….has a six-figure book deal. You are excused now…feel free to curl up and cry.

Signs of the Apocalypse #6:
This is all wrong is the best way…(Thanks, 40YardSplash!)

Signs of the Apocalypse #7:
The cop who brutally pepper-sprayed students who were quietly sit-down protesting at UC-Davis has spawned a slew of hilarious memes.
Boo, Lt. John Pike. Hiss! Via Buzzfeed.

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