Here is the latest on Shyne’s ongoing struggle to stay in the US now that he’s served his prison time. 7NewsBelize’s Jules Vasquez spoke to Shyne’s uncle Michael Finnegan…who is the Minister of Housing in Belize (alongside Shyne’s father, Dean Barrow, who is the Prime Minister of Belize). The uncle seems to be in contact with both Shyne’s mom in NJ as well as the Belizean officials. And he also told 7News that he is preparing room for Shyne at his own home, just in case:

Uncle Michael Finnegan: “[Shyne] has been released from the prison and he is being attended to or being held by the immigration authorities. The matter will be dealt with by a well known immigration lawyer and he is being supported by Professor Overtree, you know the guy that was connected to Barack Obama campaign, well known professor, and as I understand from them while I was there yesterday, the process would want to appear to be looking kind of positive. But as a family we are not over, we don’t want to be too confident because any number can play once you’re dealing with court matters.

Yuh know dah me raise him so if he have to come back home he will come back to Goldson Avenue where he started out from. He is in good spirits.”

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Jules Vasquez: “Was he expecting that the Immigration and Customs Enforcement would have intercepted him?”

Michael Finnegan: “Yes we knew that would happen but he had the differed legal people in play so that when this happened, they can process the necessary documents and so on and carried it from there.”

Jules Vasquez: “Have they indicated if and how soon he will be deported?”

Michael Finnegan: “But that is what I am saying to you, I don’t know if he will be deported. I know there are legal challenges that are being made by his attorneys and I would want to believe that those matters would be able to be resolved next week or the following week. So we’ll know shortly.”

Jules Vasquez: “Do you feel sadness knowing that my nephew had to endure all these struggles?”

Michael Finnegan: “Well yuh know I am a tough man but two times I cried in my adult life; when he was first sentenced to prison and when he was released on the 6th, on Tuesday.”

Jules Vasquez: “You cried on Tuesday why?”

Michael Finnegan: “Just the emotion and the feeling. Dah part of me that and also his father, he has been very instrumental in trying to resolve his legal problems that he has over there.”