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Shyne told MTV News in what looks like a skype-call…that he felt some regret about how his relationship with Diddy went up in flames after the two former buddies were tried separately for the 1999 shooting at Club New York. He said he also had a dream about Anthony “Wolf” Jones (Diddy’s longtime bodyguard who was killed in 2003 in Atlanta during a dispute with the BMF). So Shyne says he called Diddy recently and reconciled. Not only that, but the man that Shyne waged many a character attack on, is allegedly going to sit down with Shyne in person….in Paris, where he’s living.

“For me, the conversation was a confirmation of what I felt. Son kept it super tall, and that’s what it’s about. When a man says, ‘Listen, as a man, I make mistakes and I own that.’ What could you do?”

Well, peace is always preferable to war, but for anyone who has followed this relationship, this is all kinds of surprising. Especially Shyne’s reveal that Diddy reached out to him in prison, and offered his help. Remember when he said that any conversation with Diddy was “a figment of his imagination”?

Shyne says convo with Diddy “is a figment of Sean Combs’ imagination” (Update: Shyne’s father speaks)
Shyne Update: According to Belize media outlets, Shyne will be in Belize on Weds, already has music plan
Shyne Update: He will be sent to Belize and will continue fight to get back to US from there