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(Reverse Hairdo!: Shyne as seen in his “The Original” video, and as seen more recently in Belize)

Shyne promoted his homecoming concert in Belize heavily last week, telling local news outlets that the show would feature local talent as well as some big names from the US. I’m not sure whether these names were actually hinted at or just assumed, but fans expected everyone from Jay-Z to Busta Rhymes to Foxy Brown (who was recently escorted off a cruise ship for another manicure tantrum, smh) to Wyclef. But this past Saturday, no surprises came through. Instead, scathing finger-pointing and criticism followed. The concert’s promoter, booking agent and others accused Shyne of scamming them and then flaying to his home in Israel “in haste.” Shyne’s reps insisted he wasn’t paid enough. And further complicating things was a Belizean lawsuit from the Renaissance Hotel which claimed Shyne owes $150k for his full floor residency last year.

But what stood out from the dispute for me…..was the fact that Shyne actually reversed his own haircut from last year until now. It’s like the exact opposite! That’s kind of amazing.

Shyne’s pre-show promotion.
Shyne’s past-show scuttlebutt.

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