Earlier today (March 11), police got a call from an outside source about shots being fired at Lil Wayne’s Miami Beach home. According to 7News in Miami, the caller said four people may be seriously injured. TMZ¬†reports that¬†Wayne is in Miami, but was not home at the time of the alleged shooting.

Authorities have made an outside sweep of the house, but have yet to make an entry. Local news reports that someone from Wayne’s team has arrived on scene.

UPDATE: Police confirm the call was a hoax. SWAT have searched the whole house and found no indication of any shooting, and are now leaving (because lunchtime).

Watch a live news stream below…

UPDATE (3/12): TMZ has released audio of the bizarre phone call behind the shooting hoax.



+ Lil Wayne’s manager Cortez Bryant has arrived at the scene, talking to police and looking relatively relaxed.

+ Reporter spoke to a neighbor, who says he sometimes sees Lil Wayne walking his dog and is a good neighbor.

+ The cops are still trying to contact the people inside the house, who say they are “entourage” members.

+ Police received a call 11 days ago regarding an individual lurking outside Wayne’s home. It turned out to be a hoax, though.

+ Mack Maine confirms that “everybody good on our side.”

+ Spotting some of the people outside of Wayne’s house, and they seem relaxed enough to laugh and talk calmly.



+ Hostage negotiator has arrived at the scene.

+ Police spokesperson tells the media there is “no indication of any shot being fired” and they have “found no victims.”

+ According to the public information office, the caller called police on a non-emergency line, and claimed that he had been the shooter and had shot 4 people. The police have so far not made contact with that caller, and have not found any victims.

+ If it turns out that this whole thing is a hoax, the caller is the responsible for all the costs from this huge police turnout.

+ SWAT have entered the house, “clearing the inside, looking for victims/subjects.”

+ The all clear of the house has been given.

+ LOL:

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