The Kids aren’t Alright.

I didnt bother to watch this when Fresh posted it a few days ago, because I’ve seen enough folks actin’ a fool on the subway (race wars, inexcusable pda, masturbators). But I should have watched it. And I finally did when The Hustlaz sent it…

My emotional rollercoaster:

-This chick is about to make a movie!

-Wait, is that Ms. Cherry?

-Oh, this isn’t as funny as I thought it would be.

-Stop the car? Is…that…and old lady she’s screaming on?

-Oh hell no! Someone kick this bitch in the back!


-uh oh…there is something darker going on here.

-oh man….she’s very sick. she needs help. she’s badly damaged.

-sigh. There she goes. Alone.