Serena Williams’ rap debut (via TMZ):

“I make hits like battin’ practice. Baby like, Serena is you really rappin? That’s me, thanks for listening, schoolin’ these rappers, they should pay tuition….swag out this world, they should call me Venus. That’s my sister, my name is Serena…I ain’t never been a loser. And I’m always on top. Roofer.”

She sounds like a horrible nuclear mutant katamari ballof Missy Elliott, Nicki Minaj, Will Smith, and Azealia Banks.

It’s not enough to be a tennis legend and sports superhero….then again, it never is, right?
It never ever is….

But is this short clip of Grandmaster Serena Williams Lyrical Terror….any worse than the other trainwreck sports stars turned rappers?
Let’s compare to Kobe, Chris Webber, Ron Ron, and more…
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Bryant Mcknight feat. Kobe Bryant “Hold Me”
Diddy: “Kobe…Bryan Mcknight…Trackmasters” And so started one of the low points of popular culture in North America. But silver lining: Red Hot Lover Tone isn’t the worst rapper on this song?

Ron Artest “Champions”
Mr. North nominated this gem…but maybe it’s because I love crazy people, I kind of like RonRon’s song. Especially the video that looks like someone recorded it with a Blackberry.

Even Kurupt couldn’t save this Chris Webber rap attempt. “Gangsta Gangsta”

Deion Sanders “Must Be The Money”
HAhahahahahaa!!! To be fair…this isn’t actually shitcrap rapping. It’s shitcrap singing.