In a new Duck Down skit, Sean Price channels the offbeat interview personality Nardwuar for an interview with fellow labelmate Pharoahe Monch. Sean “Seanwuar” Price gives his best Nardwuardian performance by feeding Pharoahe a slew of random gifts and immediately asking for his response. Seanwuar might have overstepped some personal boundaries when he handed the “Simon Says” rapper a Godzilla action figure. “That’s fucked up,” Pharoahe joked, in reference to the controversial sampling of a Godzilla-inspired Gojira Tai Mosura hook. He then commented “‘Simons Says’ that was my record but, they also sued the shit out of me,” which caused Sean to break character and break into laughter.

Watch Sean P’s hilarious Nardwuar impression after the jump…

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