Sean Kingston is in a Miami hospital’s trauma unit following a bad jet skiing accident this evening, around 6pm. Local10.com reports that the pop star along with a female passenger were riding on a jet ski when it crashed into a bridge. The Miami Fire Dept. responded to the scene and  both Kingston and a female passenger were taken to nearby Jackson Memorial Hospital. (source: TMZ)

MissInfo: I’m friends with some of Sean’s very close-knit team so I know how worried and upset they are right now : ( Definitely wishing him a speedy recovery and I’m sure his friends, family and fans are praying for him too.

Update: I keep getting tweets from people saying that they’re hearing Sean Kingston has passed away. That is not true as of 12:44 am Monday. If anything changes for the worse, I will post an update. But until then, please correct anyone that tries to tell you differently.

Update 2: Sean’s stylist Tiffany Hasbourne (aka TiffTheStylist) says Sean’s condition has been upgraded to stable.