Aren’t you just sick and tired of this? Aren’t you just hurt for the families of a never-ending stream of gun-violence victims?

27 people were killed today, 18 of them were CHILDREN…after a 20-year old gunman walked into an ELEMENTARY SCHOOL in Newtown CT and opened fire.

There are 311 million people in the U.S. There are over 200 million guns. The U.S. has the highest gun ownership rate in the world. Why? We are not in a state of civil war…well, not officially.

UPDATE: The shooter has been identified as Ryan Lanza. Reports also suggest he may have killed his father at home, and possibly his mother at the school (she was a teacher there).

UPDATE2: President Obama has addressed this tragedy in a brief press conference

(read the full transcript here)

UPDATE3: There was a case of mistaken identity in naming the shooter. The Shooter is ADAM LANZA.

There is a live broadcast from Newtown, CT going on right now, you can watch the video after the jump. It will sicken you, I think. I’m sick with you.

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Just get a grasp of our gun obsession by looking at this infographic. Obviously, the gun doesn’t kill without the shooter. But the tool is a symptom of a deep illness…terminal.
And we keep complaining about it. But what changes?

Here is a photo of the chaos in the aftermath of the shooting in Newtown right now…Imagine being a family member of a child at that school, in the time between hearing about the massacre and knowing your child’s fate.
Screen Shot 2012-12-14 at 1.33.01 PM