North Carolina has been hit with the same damn snow/ice blizzard that we’re getting today in NYC. And here’s how the Durham Academy’s principal and vice principal informed the kids and parents that they could stay home…

Snow days are the holy grail of school truancy…not only do you get to skip class, without punishment, but all your friends are available too, and there’s snow on the ground to dive into…Good times. However…if my principal of my grade school had announced our school cancellation by posting a youtube of him and the vice-principal rapping along to Vanilla Ice’s “Ice Ice Baby”…I might have braved today’s blizzard just to go to the school and tag them right in the back of the head with an Ice Ice iceball.

In adulthood I can appreciate the corny cuteness though.

But what school administrators rock $600 Ralph Lauren Olympic Opening Ceremony sweaters?!?
Smh…private school.

Here’s how it’s looking in my neck of the woods this morning…
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