The hysteria was written in stone as soon as Supreme announced on Monday they would be releasing their much-buzzed-about Nike Foamposite sneakers to the public on Thursday, April 3rd. And as expected, Supreme fanatics, sneakerheads, and thirsty resellers started congregating outside of the New York Supreme store on Lafayette St., early on Weds…And when we say “congregating” we really just mean clogging up the sidewalk, the street, the traffic, everything. Pure chaos.

But did these over-eager customers just kill their own chances of getting a pair of Foams?
Well if you believe this sign that just got posted in the window of Supreme…

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Around 7:30pm, NYPD attempted to disperse the crowd, but did anyone listen? Nope. They just moved around the corner, amassing on Prince Street….

(Photo credit: Henry Dom)

Soon afterwards, the employees inside the locked Soho store stuck this hand-made sign in the window…


And finally, Supreme’s official Instagram accounted posted this message:

Wow. Is this the first time Supreme has been forced to cancel a product drop because of customer frenzy? And what happens now?

1) The Supreme instagram statement only cancels the New York release. So the Foamposites will still go on sale in Los Angeles and London on Thursday morning. Could the NYC shop be bluffing?
2) What about Dover Street Market? The recently opened Midtown Manhattan super-high-end boutique also carries limited Supreme items. If the fancy stockists are unaware of the shutdown, will hundreds of sneaker zombies descend on them in the morning and eat them alive?
3) Our insiders tell us that the Supreme NYC store actually has a huge inventory of Foams ready to move, enough for the crowds…so will they just hold them for an unannounced surprise drop later?

Oh, the important issues of the world ; )


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