Sauce Money is definitely one of my favorite unsung heroes of the Roc-A-Fella era. I am undeniably a Roc Stan, and I’m okay with that. I was a young teenager when that whole shift in hip-hop culture was happening. Sure, there were the breakout stars like Jay, DMX, Ma$e, The L.O.X. and so on, but there were always characters in the cut who played crucial roles. One of these dudes is Sauce Money.

Though he never officially signed to Roc-A-Fella, Sauce was Jay’s close childhood friend and made some unforgettable appearances on Hov’s first two albums. He also wrote “I’ll Be Missing You,” a number of songs from Puffy’s No Way Out album and countless other radio hits. He’s a ghostwriter’s ghostwriter. If you aren’t familiar with the man, please do listen to his interview on The Combat Jack Show. I’ve included a set of notes after the jump that should entice you.

Listen to the interview below…

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— Sauce Money knows Jay Z from growing up together as kids in Marcy projects.
— Jay was rapping first and Sauce says he was way more raw and lyrical as kid. He “toned” it down to please the average rap fan.
— Sauce was always athletic and went to college on baseball and basketball scholarships. He has a degree in accounting.
— Jay was the first one to ever hear him spit. Sauce there when Jay was going to major labels and getting turned down left and right.
— Big Daddy Kane was his first manager. Kanye introduced him to Jaz O (Jaz and Sauce had a falling out)
— Sauce used to steal his pop’s car at night and drive Jay to the bus station so he could go out of town to hustle
— When Jay was forming Roc-A-Fella, Sauce rolled with former NBA player Dennis Scott who started his own label
— He met Dame in ’95, who he later had a falling out with, which led him to not signing with Roc-A-Fella, ultimately.
— He had deal with Priority and released his debut album, Middle Finger U. Sauce had history with Interscope as well.
— He only met Biggie once when Jay performed “Brooklyn’s Finest” with him at the Apollo.
— Puff reached out to Jay to write “I’ll Be Missing You,” but Jay passed it to him.
— His mother passed away around the same time so he poured his heart into the track. Puff also gave him input in the process.
— He says he knew Jay would bounce from Dame eventually, because Jay was the hitmaker at the end of the day.
— He did feel some kind of way when he split with Jay Z and Roc-A-Fella. He later had beefs with Jaz O, who he still says is a piece of shit and an instigator!
— He got his name because his friend used to call him “tartar sauce”
— Sauce fought depression and had to climb out of it
— Sauce recently lost 150 pounds after struggling with his weight for years. One day Jay called him and let him know that he weight was concerning him and he wanted him to change his life.

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