Santigold’s most recent album, Master of My Make Believe (iTunes), is totally fantastic. Go buy it.
I guess that should be my closing line, but I just wanted to get it out the way.
I’ve been playing the whole work repeatedly, but especially “Disparate Youth,” “This Isn’t Our Parade,” “The Riot’s Gone,” and Santi’s latest single “The Keepers.”
In the video for “The Keepers,” which Santi directed herself, she sticks to the lyrical theme of a self-destructive delusional American society…numb, insane, and creepy.
The clip has shades of John Waters, David Lynch, and a whole lot of Cindy Sherman (a photographer who has spent the past 35 years taking photos of herself dressed up in various creepy costumes. I actually find her work pretty grotesque, but I respect her cojones).
“The Keepers” has everything from glo-worm jello molds, to June Cleaver blond wigs, a GZA cameo, a murdered milkman, and Santi’s signature marionnette dance moves…
It’s weird and I love it.

If you missed the fantastic video for Santigold’s “Disparate Youth”….
watch it after the jump

Santigold “Disparate Youth”

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